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Detroit Fishing Charters

At Bray’s Boat Service LLC, we offer fishing trips on the Detroit River, Lake St. Clair, and Lake Erie. Our charters are designed for both experienced anglers and beginners. We provide all the necessary equipment and expertise for a successful fishing trip.

In the Detroit River, you can catch smallmouth bass and muskellunge. The river is also known for the seasonal migrations of walleye and silver bass, offering diverse fishing experiences. With its varied depths and currents, every fishing attempt can lead to a new discovery.

Lake St. Clair is a prime location for catching muskie, smallmouth bass, and northern pike, due to its shallow waters. This lake is suitable for anglers of all levels, providing a calm and enjoyable fishing experience.

Lake Erie is renowned for its walleye, especially in the western basin with its reefs and islands. The central and eastern basins of the lake are good for catching steelhead and lake trout. This lake offers various fishing styles, from casual to more adventurous deep-water fishing.

Our focus at Bray’s Boat Service LLC is mainly on perch and walleye fishing. I have extensive experience in these waters and know the best spots for these fish. When fishing for perch, especially in Lake St. Clair and parts of Lake Erie, we target areas where they are most abundant. For walleye, known for their elusive nature, we chase the best conditions to increase the chances of a successful catch.

As the captain, I ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. I hold a U.S.C.G. Certification and License, ensuring a reliable experience. Our fleet includes the 45’ Motor Ship “Bray’s Charter” and the 27’ Daytona “Popular Hill,” both equipped with the necessary navigation and safety gear for a comfortable fishing adventure.

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