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The Aretha Franklin Amphitheater

The Aretha Franklin Amphitheater, formerly known as Chene Park, is a renowned entertainment venue in the City of Detroit. This unique 6,000-seat amphitheater, situated on the shores of the Detroit River, attracts thousands of visitors to the waterfront during the warmer months. It is celebrated as a destination of choice for legendary artists and high-profile entertainers, making it an exceptional venue for concerts and event.

Complementing the experience of visiting the Aretha Franklin Amphitheater is the opportunity to enjoy a cruise with Bray’s Fishing Charters. Bray’s, a well-established name in the realm of fishing and cruising charters with over 35 years of operation, offers a diverse range of activities beyond just fishing. These include moonlight cruises, which could be an ideal way to experience the Freedom Festival Fireworks or even a romantic setting for a marriage proposal. Their charters cater to various interests, allowing guests to travel along the shorelines and reconnect with nature. Guests are advised to bring essentials like a light jacket, soft-soled shoes, a camera, and sunglasses for a comfortable and stylish experience on the water.

Bray’s Fishing Charters also organizes excursions to various Detroit River attractions, including the Aretha Franklin Park Music Theater. These excursions offer a unique way to rediscover entertainment in Detroit, combining the thrill of a live event with the serenity and beauty of a river cruise. Their services cater to a broad audience, including families, small businesses looking to host parties, and those interested in sightseeing iconic landmarks like the Great Lakes’ lighthouses. This versatility makes Bray’s an excellent choice for enhancing the overall experience of attending an event at the Aretha Franklin Amphitheater.

In summary, the Aretha Franklin Amphitheater offers an unparalleled setting for enjoying concerts and events right on the waterfront of the Detroit River. Pairing a visit to this iconic venue with a cruise from Bray’s Fishing Charters adds an extra layer of enjoyment, offering unique perspectives of the city, entertainment on the water, and the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the surrounding area.